Swiss climate protection projects

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Since 2007, myclimate has been developing high quality climate protection projects and climate protection programmes in Switzerland, and is a pioneer with a wealth of experience in this area. The organisation develops projects for the markets of both voluntary and obligatory compensation in Switzerland. All projects are audited externally and they all fulfil the strict guidelines of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) if possible.

Following the entry into force of the revised CO2 law, a compensation obligation has applied in Switzerland for fuel importers since 2013 and will continue through to the end of 2020. They are obliged to compensate domestically for a portion of the CO2 emissions that are caused by fuels for traffic. The KliK Foundation and others are responsible for realisation of domestic compensation.

Support for project owners

myclimate provides support for the project development as well as the purchase and sale of official certificates (reduction certificates within the country). We facilitate flexible contractual terms that are customised to your project. We are happy to advise project owners on the feasibility, development, implementation, and monitoring of their climate protection projects. Specifically for the compliance market, myclimate is developing domestic climate protection programmes and projects in line with the guidelines of FOEN/SFOE and is supporting the project owners and implementers through the process, right up to the issuing of certificates. 

Do you have an idea for a project in Switzerland that reduces greenhouse gases and is dependent on additional financing? We would be happy to provide you with advice and support. Contact us!

Support programmes to join at a glance

Having launched various support programmes for privat persons and organisations myclimate allows a discount for efficient technologies protecting the climate and save on costs.

All swiss climate protection programmes of myclimate

All swiss climate protection projects and programmes of myclimate



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