Future-proof Warmth from Nature: Funding Programm for heat Pumps

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    Replace your old oil or gas heating unit by an efficient heat pump and save your discount!

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    With a heat pump you'll use the natural energy sources – sustainable and without using fossil fuels. Picture: EnergieSchweiz

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    A heat pump with WPS modul guarantees highest quality: a high level of energy efficiency and optimum processes. Picture: FWS

The funding programme for heat pumps of myclimate supports home owners by giving them 2000 francs if they replace their old oil and gas heating systems with an energy efficient heat pump.

Recent communication for the interested party (June 2018):

Applications as from 1 July 2018 now receive 2000 francs.

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When it is time to replace an old oil or gas heating system, two-thirds of all home owners in Switzerland opt again for an oil or gas heating system. This is the case even though installing a heat pump would be possible in most cases and would be much better for the climate: an average single-family household produces four fewer tonnes of CO2 annually if the house is heated with a heat pump instead of an oil heating system. That corresponds to the annual emissions caused by driving 15,000 km.

One reason why many home owners still decide against a heat pump could well be the comparably higher capital outlays. It is easy to forget that the running costs for electricity and maintenance are considerably lower with a heat pump. There are no more costs at all for oil or gas, and thus none of the uncertainty that has been coupled with the oil and gas price trends until now. The result is a future-proof and sustainable heating solution.

Save your discount now!

Are you a home owner and want to replace your old oil or gas heating unit by a heating pump? Home owners can apply for a subsidy of 2000 francs as part of the new climate protection project. With this subsidy myclimate wants to help overcome the investment hurdle and help climate-friendly heat pump technology make a breakthrough.

A subsidy is possible only, if there are no other subsidies from the canton or municipality at the time of registration. The website "Energiefranken" provides more information about the availability of subsidies in different cantons. The subsidy only applies to the replacement of oil or natural gas heaters. Electric heaters and other types of heating systems are excluded from the program. Further conditions of participation can be found on the registration form.

High Quality thanks to a quality standard

The subsidy is awarded based on the selection of a climate-friendly heat pump technology. Only heat pumps that are developed according to the quality standard heat pump system module are subsidized. This standard, which was developed by Fachvereinigung Wärmepumpen Schweiz (FWS), the Swiss professional association for heat pumps, guarantees a high level of energy efficiency and optimum processes. The certificate of the heat pump system module is free of charge for participants of the myclimate support programm.

Swiss climate protection programme according to the FOEN standard

The programme is registered with the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment as a climate protection programme and is meant to help Switzerland reach its domestic goals for CO2 reduction. The CO2 law allows for CO2 savings to be certified by the federal government if certain framework conditions are met, such as demonstrably fewer CO2 emissions and no other subsidizing. A certificate is issued for every tonne of CO2 that is actually saved. myclimate and its project partners are financing the rebate for the acquisition using the proceeds from these certificates.

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Just complete the registration form, send it to us and we will take care of the rest. 


myclimate would be delighted to present the project in detail to anyone who is interested. You can contact us, Tel. +41 44 500 43 50

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